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Review: Shimmerwood CBD Seltzers

Posted: Feb 16, 2021 at 11:25 AM (Last Updated: Feb 16, 2021 at 12:52 PM)
Shimmerwood CBD Seltzers

Covers Products: Ginger Orange, Razz Lime, Just Hemp

Shimmerwood is a startup beverage company that has launched with a three-SKU line of seltzers enhanced with 5mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD. The initial trio of flavors include Ginger Orange, Razz Lime and Just Hemp, which is the lone zero calorie offering.

The former two flavors each feature a different shrub that provides both sweetness and some flavor: . Razz Lime (50 calories) uses one that’s made with raspberries, white vinegar and cane sugar, while Ginger Orange (60 calories) has a shrub that’s made with ginger, apple cider vinegar and sugar. The only other flavoring used are lime bitters for the Razz Lime and orange bitters for the Ginger Orange.

From our perspective, Razz Lime and Ginger Orange are really the standouts here. Both are light and refreshing with a flavor profile that loosely resembles a soda: orange for Ginger Orange and a raspberry lime rickey for Razz Lime. The use of real ingredients works quite well and we really love the touch of vinegar tang that you’ll find in both. And there’s no noticeable impact to the flavor from the added hemp, which is always a good thing.

The third flavor, Just Hemp, definitely has merits as a zero calorie product, but we think it needs work both in terms of flavor and positioning. In terms of taste, the punch from the citric acid is a bit sharp to the point where one might wonder if it has citrus flavoring. As for the positioning of the SKU, we think that the name Just Hemp is a bit too literal and something that could turn off some consumers. We think that this product would be better if it did have some flavor -- perhaps some bitters -- while still maintaining zero calories. 

On the outside, the product is packed in a slim 11.5 ounce can with a shrink sleeve label, which uses a combination of glossy and textured matte finishes. The top half of the can features a white background with icons of water droplets, hemp leaves and outdoor activities such as a bike, campfire and a mountainscape. These icons are the textured elements and you can feel each one in your hand. Also on the top portion of the label is the Shimmerwood logo, which is a circle that has an abstract illustration of a plant in the middle. The lower half of the can is glossy and uses the same accent color as the logo as its background. It’s here that you’ll find large white letters for the flavor name and smaller text for “Shimmer seltzer” (whatever that means). 

Ultimately, we like the look of the product and, aside from our previously mentioned concerns about the Just Hemp variety, we think that it’s in a good spot from both an aesthetic perspective and a functional one. 

We have just two comments on the packaging. First, we’d love for“seltzer” to be a little bit larger and easier to find. Second, we wonder if there’s an opportunity to call attention to the use of a shrub as this might help let consumers know that the drink uses unique and high quality ingredients.

In the end, we think that Shimmerwood has done a nice job of creating beverages that are thoughtfully crafted and utilize high quality ingredients, especially with the two flavored SKUs. We like the approach and feel that it brings something that’s both familiar and unique to the CBD beverage set.

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