Review: The Evolution of SOUND Sparkling Tea Continues

Posted: Nov 21, 2016 at 12:49 PM (Last Updated: Nov 21, 2016 at 1:52 PM)

Covers Products: Chamomile Vanilla & Elderflower 2016, White Tea Peach & Ginger (2016), Yerba Mate Citrus & Hibiscus 2016

Earlier this year, SOUND Sparkling Tea updated its label, which is, at least in our opinion, a sizable step forward. And it’s definitely a huge upgrade from where it started back when the brand was known as Sodterra.

Now, the label layout is clean and well organized, with easy to read lettering and boxes to arrange the key elements. The look is lighter than their previous effort and, therefore, does a better job of setting the stage for a zero-calorie product. With the old look, we were expecting sweetness, and this version, which also includes the word “Unsweetened” on the front panel, definitely does not have that problem.

However, one thing that we don’t like about this version is how theythe company has separated the word “SOUND” from the rest of the label. There’s somewhat of a disconnect between that and “Sparkling,” which makes you have to stop and read the brand name. Tightening this up and making it look like one cohesive element would be helpful.

As for the liquid, our opinion really hasn’t changed: this is a very tasty line of unsweetened sparkling teas. SOUND has done a superb job of infusing plenty of flavor without the need for sweetener. It’s a product that should provide a nice experience for both tea drinkers and people who consume flavored sparkling water.

But if we were to suggest what the next step for SOUND might be, it would be to consider a different package type. Its current package, which is a stock 12 oz. glass bottle most commonly known for its use by Worcester, Mass. based co-packer and brand Ginseng-Up, is something that doesn’t natively convey tea or sparkling water as this a bottle that’s typically used for soda or juice products. That being said, we think that SOUND should consider more closely aligning with the sparkling water category and appearing as an extension of that (rather than a hybrid of sparkling water and tea). This would, at least as far as the product goes, position SOUND in a more intuitive place.

In the end, it’s great to see that SOUND is continuing to evolve. Evolution is part of any successful beverage brand and while there’s still a lot of room for SOUND to continue to evolve and grow, the path that it's are on right now seems headed in the right direction.

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