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Review: SOUND Tea-Infused Sparkling Water

Posted: Apr 11, 2019 at 1:14 PM (Last Updated: Apr 11, 2019 at 4:20 PM)

Covers Products: Grapefruit + Lavender - GINGER TEA, Tangerine + Lemongrass - GREEN TEA, Blood Orange + Vanilla - BLACK TEA, Blueberry + Cinnamon - HIBISCUS TEA

SOUND, which has been producing sparkling tea beverages for several years, is back with a new product: Tea-Infused Sparkling Water. It’s a four flavor line of USDA Organic, zero-calorie unsweetened beverages that are, as the name suggests, intended to play in the sparkling water category.

The four flavors include Grapefruit + Lavender Ginger Tea, Blueberry + Cinnamon Hibiscus Tea, Blood Orange + Vanilla Black Tea, and Tangerine + Lemongrass Green Tea. This gives the lineup two caffeine free herbal tea offerings and two that include caffeine.

We really like the approach of pairing tea, fruit flavor, and an herbal or spice flavor. It gives each one of these products some real depth without the need for any type of sweetener. We particularly like the spice and citrus of the Grapefruit + Lavender Ginger Tea and bright and fresh flavor of the Tangerine + Lemongrass Green Tea. These were definitely the standouts for our palate. The Blueberry + Cinnamon and Blood Orange + Vanilla are also enjoyable, but we prefer the other combinations that utilize an herbal accent flavor.

One final thought on the formulations that they are offering: while these products definitely aren’t trying to be your run-of-the-mill sparkling water drinks, it might be interesting to consider creating some flavors that more directly attack the category’s staple flavors (e.g. lemon and lime).

SOUND Tea-Infused Sparkling Water is packaged in a slim 12 oz can and utilizes a glossy shrink sleeve label. It follows a similar “panel” style design that’s found on their glass bottles, which does do a nice job of keeping all of the information aligned. It’s intuitive and easy to read, although aesthetically it does have a slightly technical vibe that we’d consider dialing down a bit (perhaps by reducing the amount of space used by the flavor description).

Overall, while there’s still some room to refine and further improve, we do think that this is SOUND’s most well-executed and market ready offering to date. In addition, the potential for SOUND to find success as a part of the sparkling water set feels much stronger than it did being a sparkling drink in the tea set. Being USDA Organic, tea-based, and offering sophisticated flavors, SOUND Tea-Infused Sparkling Water certainly has the makings of a winner.

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