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Review: Sweet Reason Lemon + Rhubarb

Posted: Nov 19, 2019 at 12:46 PM (Last Updated: Nov 20, 2019 at 3:10 PM)

Covers Products: Lemon + Rhubarb

Lemon + Rhubarb is the latest addition to Sweet Reason’s line of CBD-infused flavored sparkling water. The product is sugar free and is made with only three ingredients: carbonated water, hemp extract and natural flavors.

Since we first took a look at Sweet Reason in late 2018, a few key things have changed. First, the brand has increased the hemp content from 7mg to 10 mg per bottle. The bottle has also been updated to feature a resealable cap and “hemp” has replaced “CBD” on the front of the bottle. 

All of these changes are good ones and have been implemented with Lemon + Rhubarb as well. 

When it comes to taste, this product definitely follows the format of their other SKUs. It’s light, crisp, and has no sweetness to it. The fruit flavors are mellow rather than forward and the lemon and rhubarb flavors are pleasing to the palate. The finish on the drink is, like many other CBD beverages, quite dry. However, compared with the competition, this is on the better end in terms of the finish and overall flavor, as the hemp does not impede enjoyment at all.

Going back to the packaging, we like the clean and classy look of the product. This is the result of both the use of a glass bottle -- which, despite being less practical, feels more premium -- and the minimalist label style. 

Plus, we appreciate the subtle but intuitive way Sweet Reason indicates the added hemp extract through a simple sticker on the neck of the bottle. This feels a lot better than the approach that many newer CBD beverages are taking, which tend to use more aggressive visual cues.

Overall, this is a solid line extension for Sweet Reason. While we’re not sure that it really changes all that much for the brand and its positioning, it’s a tasty and well-executed product.

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