Temple Turmeric Raw Vinegar Drink

by Temple Beverages

Review: Temple Turmeric Raw Vinegar Drinks

Posted: Jan 25, 2017 at 10:11 AM (Last Updated: Jan 25, 2017 at 10:31 AM)

Covers Products: Pure Fire Tonic, Green Alkalizer , White Turmeric Detox

Temple Turmeric is a brand that has been about bleeding edge innovation since the company’s inception. Their latest effort, a line of raw vinegar drinks, continues with that trend as they attempt to pioneer what appear to be some first of their kind formulations. They’ve built this on top of Pure Fire Tonic, which was launched nationally last year.

Now, they’ve added two additional flavors, White Turmeric Detox and Green Alkalizer, updated the packaging, and they’ve created a whole new subline for the brand. All three of these flavors feature a different -- and rather complex -- set of ingredients.

Taste testing the three, the Pure Fire Tonic is our favorite. The tart and intense flavor of apple cider vinegar works really well with the other ingredients, which include turmeric, ginger, lemon juice, salt, mucuna seed, powder, horseradish, cinnamon, and cardamom.

The other two varieties, White Turmeric Detox and Green Alkalizer, have more mellow flavors and less vinegar punch. While they are both quite tasty, they don’t exactly feel like they go with their more intensely flavored counterpart. One approach, which we’d certainly be interested in, would be to dial up the apple cider vinegar content in these two varieties. Otherwise, we appreciate that they’ve loaded these products with not just turmeric, but other thoughtful ingredients, which vary based on the product, such as ginger, spirulina, and chlorella, that fit with Temple Turmeric’s goal of creating products that help drive “optimal wellness.”

Still, we wish that Temple Turmeric developed these a bit more in terms of how they present themselves as beverages. While Pure Fire Tonic makes a subtle reference to a potent and spicy drink (and also is a play on “Fire Cider”), the other two don’t really have a good point of reference to help guide the consumer on taste. That’s something that we really think they need to address, otherwise these seem like potentially niche functional beverages.

Otherwise, we really like the look and the layout of the packaging. The size of the bottle seems right on target, while the layout of the label does a great job of communicating the key attributes of the product. It’s just the last part -- connecting with the consumer’s senses -- that they need to improve upon.

Overall, we really like the idea of Temple Turmeric building out a line of raw vinegar drinks. It seems like something that’s very much in line with what their brand stands for. Plus, in typical Temple Turmeric style, they’ve innovated with ingredients and formulations that aren’t just the same thing that everyone else is doing. In the end, they have a very nice foundation to work with and we’re looking forward to seeing what they do next.

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