Review: WTRMLN WTR Expands with “BLNDS”

Posted: Mar 07, 2017 at 6:20 PM (Last Updated: Mar 08, 2017 at 11:03 AM)


Since launching in 2013, the premise of WTRMLN WTR (pronounced “watermelon water”) has been one of simplicity, sustainability, and creating healthier beverages. To do this, the company crafted a flagship product utilizing “discarded melons” and the whole fruit. As the company has evolved, the premise has largely stayed the same, with the exception of their past expansion into a lemon flavor.

Now, in 2017, WTRMLN WTR is seems primed to expand. They have a new CEO and a relatively recent capital raise and the brand is now at over 15,000 retail outlets. To buttress this growth, WTRMLN WTR is expanding their line with several new products, launching nationwide at Whole Foods. The new offerings are called BLNDS (“blends”) and feature a pairing of their watermelon water base blended with another ingredient: LMN (lemonade), CHRRY (tart cherry), LME (lime), and GNGR (ginger).

Like their flagship product, these new product offerings are 100 percent juice and contain no added sugar. At their core is the delicate watermelon water flavor that you’ll find in their flagship product, but it has been complemented with a different accent flavor in each flavor. There’s ginger, which is slightly spicy, cherry, which is tart and sweet, lime, which is tart and a bit sour, and lemon, which adds the classic flavor of lemonade. In all, all four of the BLNDS flavors are well executed and there’s really something for every palate.

For the label design and packaging, WTRMLN WTR BLNDS utilize the same chic packaging design as their flagship counterpart. It all starts with a slender round 12 oz. plastic bottle, which has been wrapped with a label that has a watermelon rind running vertically on the sides from top to bottom. In the center, they add an accent color specific to the flavor as well as the logo, text, and a black circle that features a light hearted play on words specific to the flavor (e.g. “Vitamin C You At The Gym”).

Aside from fulfilling the basic goal of any beverage -- having great taste -- these products achieve something that WTRMLN WTR was missing: it feels like a fully fleshed out brand. While watermelon is a key ingredient across the line, they’ve done a really nice job of trying to broaden their each while still sticking to their core mission. Those two things being said, we see big potential for WTRMLN WTR with the addition of this lineup.

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