The Developing Minds Foundation Surpasses its Donation Goal Through Fundraising Events Sponsored by LEBLON Cachaça

leblon-road-to-rio-logo2New York, NY – August 29, 2016  After visiting 70 cities in three continents, traveling over 18,000 miles and mixing up more than 12,245 caipirinhas, the Developing Minds Foundation, an outstanding charity that builds schools and supports education programs in areas affected by violence and poverty, landed in to Rio to deliver $51,429.51 for Brazil’s two largest favelas, Rocinha and City of God. Sponsored by LEBLON, the award-wining handcrafted premium alambique Cachaça from Brazil, the Developing Minds Road Trip to Rio Tour hosted spirited fundraising events across the U.S., Europe and Brazil where a portion of proceeds from each event went towards the charity.

“This was an experience and trip we will never forget,” says Steve Luttmann, Founder of LEBLON Cachaça. “We have been honored to support the Developing Minds Foundation three month Road Trip to Rio tour ending at the Big Brazilian Games and are ecstatic that we were able to meet and exceed our fundraising goal to help Developing Minds benefit children’s education in Rio, an effort we truly believes in.”

Created in 2006, the Developing Minds Foundation dedicates its efforts to building and supporting schools where they can educate children and help them develop skills to integrate into the job market. Supported by LEBLON, the two set out on a fundraising journey to Rio in May with the exciting Summer Games ahead. Ending this August, the Developing Minds International Road Trip to Rio surpassed fundraising expectations and with that, is able to make a real impact on two of Brazil’s most affected favelas.

Founder and President of the Developing Minds Foundation, Phillippe Houdard, is overjoyed by the results of this fundraising tour sponsored by LEBLON. He says, “Leblon Cachaça’s support of education projects in Rio’s favelas speaks to how deeply and genuinely integrated the brand is in Brazilian society. It was tremendously generous of them to contribute time, resources and money to this project, but more than that, it’s a perfect example of a company that can do well and good at the same time,” he continued. The two schools in Brazil, União de Mulheres da Roupa Suja in Rocinha and INPAR in City of God, that received this charitable donation will benefit the students in innumerable ways and go a long way towards their futures.”

A demonstration of both the Developing Minds Foundation and LEBLON’s passion for the people and culture of Brazil as well as their dedication to improving their lives, The Road Trip to Rio has been a victory tenfold. The success of this adventure coupled with the spreading of love and awareness for Brazil and Cachaça is a true testament as to what can be done to bring positivity and progress on a global scale.


The Developing Minds Foundation builds schools and supports education programs in areas affected by violence and poverty. Since 2006, they have dedicated their efforts to initiatives such as rehabilitating former child soldiers of the guerrilla in Colombia, building and supporting technology schools in Rio de Janeiro’s violent favelas and introducing literacy projects in inner cities of the United States. In these troubled communities, they offer traditional education and vocational skills, as well as psychological and social support, to address the core needs of students everywhere.