The Revivalist Botanical Gin Portfolio, a New Small Batch Grain to Glass Collection from Expert Riannon Walsh

CHESTER COUNTY, PA (July 21, 2016) Today, Riannon Walsh, noted whisky expert and longtime consultant to the spirits industry, debuts The Revivalist Gins™, a grain to bottle collection of four innovative and handcrafted expressions: Equinox, Summertide, Harvest, and Solstice. These exceptional gins make up the inaugural portfolio of small batch spirits from new micro distillery enterprise, Brandywine Branch Distillers, located in Pennsylvania’s bucolic Chester County.

Distinctive yet exceptionally approachable, The Revivalist Gins™ are refined, full flavored spirits designed to be enjoyed in cocktails as well as sipped like fine whisky. The gins however, are not designed to be enjoyed only in the season after which they are named, nor will they will be released seasonally. Rather, Riannon, Managing Director of Production and Master Blender at Brandywine Branch Distillers, wanted to create a year-round portfolio that reflects different taste profiles and echoes the natural progression of the seasons, their scents, and flavors, in order to offer something for every palate. Designed to sip, stir, and create, The Revivalist Gins™ are the result of decades of craft spirits experience, a gift from the Master Blender and born from a singular distillery.


Distilled entirely on site, each gin expression is created from carefully selected barley & wheat grains and botanicals. The botanicals are highly curated, composed and macerated by Riannon with each gin having a foundation of juniper, angelica and coriander. The subsequent addition of widely varying botanical combinations is what achieves the four distinct expressions: Equinox has notes of citrus mélange, a touch of mint and meadowsweet and hyssop to finish; Summertide whispers of jasmine, rose, meadowsweet and cooling citrus; Harvest offers tastes of lemon, nutmeg, cinnamon, elderflower, orange and clove; and Solstice exhibits infusions of dried cherry, anise, orange peel and ginger and is barrel rested in French Oak Barrels that were recently emptied of red wine varietals.

Riannon customized The Revivalist Gins™ bottles with both the bartender and the consumer in mind. For the bartender, the embossing and “collar” at the shoulder allows one to grasp the bottle, wet or dry, without fear of it slipping during pours. The stunning artwork on the labels is visually unique, designed to be different and call out to consumers as they walk by shop shelves or view the back bar at their favorite drinking den. The Mandalas on Summertide and Harvest are the creation of Pennsylvania artist, Mary Lou Dallam, while the graphics on Solstice and Equinox are a combination of medieval artwork from The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University, fine art from the California artist Erika Schmitt Michelis and local Brandywine Valley engravings, integrated by Arthur Bromley, Brandywine Branch Distiller’s Director of Design Possibilities.

In addition to producing its exceptional Revivalist Gins, Brandywine Branch Distillers has planted an orchard of various apple varietals to use in future brandies as well as to create an apple-based mash for other spirits to be released down the line. Juniper bushes have also been planted as part of a Juniper Revival Program on the property. Other plans include the soon to open farm-to-table Brandywine Branch Bistro, distillery tours and various classes for visitors seeking to learn more about spirits and distilling. Finally, a roster of single custom cask standout bourbons will also be introduced in limited quantities when each barrel is ready for bottling.

The Revivalist Gins™ are the culmination of Riannon’s decades of craft spirits experience combined with her passion and high regard for the environment. “This is the age of the gin revival,” she explains. “The range of possibilities with gins, from mash to macerations is limitless and we are thrilled to release this exceptional portfolio and bring something unique and truly special to the marketplace”.

The Revivalist Gins™ can be purchased at the distillery and through the distillery website as well as in restaurants and bars in Pennsylvania. They are also available at liquor stores in major national markets all detailed online at Suggested retail price is $39.99-$49.99.