Ginny’s Gin to Expand Distribution on West Coast

SAN FRANCISCO — Wooler Brands unites two family-focused companies, Ginny’s Gin and Young’s Market Company, to introduce a daring, winemaker-conceived, small-batch gin to a broader West Coast market.

Distilled from grapes and grain, following a winemakers’ recipe that was fine-tuned over seven years, Ginny’s Gin is a small-batch gin of uncompromising quality that embodies the spirit of its provenance and the verve of its namesake. The winemakers’ approach—more art than science—used a meticulous “winemaker palate” over seven years of blending trials to achieve a unique, elegant and daring taste profile.

The gin’s botanicals are sourced both locally and from further afield. It’s signature ingredient, wine grapes, hail from California wine country. After juniper and coriander are macerated in grape spirits, the essence of lemongrass, lemon peel, sage, orris root, angelica root, cubeb berries, grains of paradise and angelica root are extracted with gentle vapor infusion. Once grape and grain are married, Ginny’s Gin is presented in a wine bottle to honor its vineyard provenance.

Ginny Sweeney, the Ginny behind the gin, is an intrepid, wayfaring, gin-loving Brit who worked for many years in the Napa wine industry alongside her vintner husband, Rob.

“When my husband announced that he was leaving the wine business after 30 years, I knew it was time to get serious about this gin thing!” Ginny said. “Armed with a singular recipe, a fortuitous name and the backing of dear friends, I rolled up my sleeves, cold-called and hand-sold every bottle out of the back of my car! We are so grateful to all our early adopters, self-proclaimed brand ambassadors and those first 100 wine country accounts who helped us get to where we are today; Ginny’s Gin could not exist without their heartfelt collaboration. We are thrilled to join forces with Young’s Market on the road to our next adventure! It takes a village to raise a gin!”

Jason Wooler, CEO Wooler Brands, is a 25-year industry veteran.

“Ginny’s Gin is a special handcrafted brand in our portfolio, and we believe the partnership with Young’s will help challenge the category leaders,” said Wooler. “Young’s Market distribution leadership on the West Coast will help more US Bartenders and Consumers experience this unique and authentic Gin.”

About Wooler Brands

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About Young’s Market Company

Founded in 1888, Young’s Market Company is the premier distributor of fine wines, spirits and selected beverages in the western United States. With operations in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, we are proud to represent industry-leading brands and supplier partners. Our best-in-class team of wine and spirits professionals represents a collection of unique life experiences, worldviews, and ideas all focused on our core values: Integrity, Family, Quality, and an Entrepreneurial Spirit. We are committed to adding value to our customers, providing exemplary professional representation of our suppliers, reaching the highest standards of respect for our employees, and supporting the communities we serve.