Tincup Introduces Nugget and Motherlode

DENVER — TINCUP American Whiskey proudly introduces the newest members in its collection: the TINCUP 375ml Nugget and the TINCUP 1.75L Motherlode. TINCUP embodies the spirit, romance and heritage of the great outdoors. Cut with Rocky Mountain water, it is the perfect reward for a day spent in the mountains.

Created by Jess Graber, an authentic mountain man with 40 years of whiskey-making experience, TINCUP is a high rye mash bill with spice and pepper, balanced with sweeter notes from bourbon. Using a blend of midwestern rye, corn and malt, the whiskey is aged in American white oak barrels.

The Nugget features the same rugged hexagonal shape as its 750ml predecessor, which helps prevent the bottle from slipping or rolling downhill. Its portable size fits perfectly inside a backpack or rucksack for outdoor adventures and exploring. The 1.75L Motherlode is ideal for setting up basecamp and sharing with your team.

The signature TINCUP metal cap is included atop both bottles, inspired by the tin cups originally used by miners in the old Rocky Mountain mining town of Tincup, Colorado. These bottles are nicknamed as a nod towards this same heritage.

Be it alongside a frozen alpine lake or in camp at the base of a 14 thousand foot peak, TINCUP encourages you to find your own tasting room.

Tasting Notes:

Color:             Dark amber hue

Nose:             Cinnamon, pine, honey, freshly cut grass

Palate:           Sweet pepper, leather, raisins

Finish:            Caramel and biscuits

TINCUP 375ml and 1.75L are bottled at 42% ABV/84 proof and are available nationwide for $16.99 and $49.99 respectively. For more information, head over to tincupwhiskey.com.