21Seeds To Expand Nationally by 2021

SAN FRANCISCO  As Americans set their sights on a new year, they may also be eyeing a new craft tequila brand landing in stores near them. 21Seeds, an all-natural, real fruit infused tequila company, has announced that it’s set to become available in most states across the country thanks to a recent distribution deal with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits (“Southern Glazer’s”)—the world’s pre-eminent distributor of beverage alcohol. The distribution deal comes on the heels of a wildly successful launch year for 21Seeds, with 10x year-over-year business growth and widespread adoption, particularly among female audiences.

Founded by three women in pursuit of an approachable, flavor-packed tequila that is as drinkable as a glass of wine, 21Seeds is an award-winning, all-natural, real fruit infused tequila harnessing a number of cultural trends as part of its launch success. Consumers are actively seeking out fewer, cleaner ingredients in craft spirits, the at-home cocktail trend amidst the pandemic continues to drive the craft spirits category, and according to IWSR analysts, over the past five years, volume consumption of tequila in the US. grew by more than 40 percent.

When Kat Hantas, co-founder and CEO, was told by a doctor to switch from wine to distilled spirits for health reasons, she began making her own fruit-infused tequilas to find something smoother than what she was finding on shelves at the time. Flash forward eight years and Hantas launched 21Seeds with her sister Nicole Emanuel and friend Sarika Singh. After launching in 2019, the brand has achieved unprecedented year-over-year growth and critical acclaim – a sign that Americans are thirsty for cleaner, smoother drinking options without sacrificing flavor.

“Our success right out of the gate shows that we’ve tapped into a thirst for full flavor spirits, without the guilt and bite of traditional tequilas, but we also know that our continued success depends on amazing distribution partners,” said Hantas. “Alignment with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits means that we’ll be able to show up in more places across the country to give Americans a more approachable, no-fuss way to enjoy tequila.”

The brand has three signature infusions – Grapefruit Hibiscus, Cucumber Jalapeno, and Valencia Orange – all lower ABV at 35 percent, gluten-free, non-GMO, and ideal for low-cal cocktails that are easy for the at home mixologist.

“With a great back story, excellent product, and now Southern Glazer’s as its distributor, 21Seeds is well positioned for expanded commercial success across the U.S.,” commented Ray Lombard, Executive Vice President, Supplier Management and Business Development for Southern Glazer’s.

21Seeds has already gained traction among consumers, celebrities, and social media influencers, based on its award-winning, premium taste cultivated from a proprietary blend of agaves from the lowland and highland regions of Jalisco and lack of high fructose corn syrup found in most flavored spirits. The tequila is crafted from a super-smooth Blanco base, produced by a female-owned and predominantly female-staffed distillery. Out of the gate, the company’s infused tequilas have garnered attention and recognition with Valencia Orange awarded Best of Show, Double Gold at WSWA in 2019, Cucumber Jalapeno awarded 90 Points for Best in Category at the Beverage Tasting Institute in 2019, and with Grapefruit Hibiscus taking the Gold Award at WSWA in 2019.

“Currently 80 percent of consumer purchasing decisions and 70 percent of all alcohol buying decisions are being made by women, therefore it’s critically important to Southern Glazer’s that we have both female-owned brands and brands that appeal to female consumers in our portfolio,” added Jennifer Chaplin Tolkin, Vice President, Supplier Management and Business Development for Southern Glazer’s. “Between the growth of the tequila category, consumer interest in wellness, and the popularity of simple cocktails with fresh ingredients, the trends are aligned to support 21Seeds as they aim to bring more women into the category. We are thrilled to provide a strong national platform for the brand and to have Kat, Nicole and Sarika join the ranks of other successful female-owned spirits brands that we are proud to distribute and sell.”

To find a bottle of 21Seeds near you, visit 21seeds.com/retailers-list.

About 21Seeds

Founded by two sisters and one friend in San Francisco, 21Seeds is an all-natural, real fruit infused tequila with three variants (Valencia Orange, Cucumber Jalapeno and Grapefruit Hibiscus) that is as delicious and easy to drink as a glass of wine. All 21Seeds infusions are non-GMO, gluten-free, and Keto-friendly, making it the perfect base for guilt-free cocktails. Its SkinnySeed™ cocktail recipes are all under 150 calories and made with all-natural ingredients.

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