Peloton de la Muerte Introduces Two New Artisanal Mezcals

Pelotón de la Muerte has introduced two new artisanal mezcal expressions to its lineup – Criollo and Vegan Pechuga. Available beginning August 1, these mezcals are produced with wild agave grown in the Mexican state of Guerrero and traditional methods by master mezcaleros who carry on generations of classic mezcal production.

Pelotón de la Muerte Criollo ($39.99 SRP for 750ML) is open-air fermented for 5 days before being double distilled, first in Arabic still and then the 2nd pass in a filipino still with a wood hat, producing an intense mezcal with notes of light smoke. Pelotón de la Muerte Pechuga ($39.99 SRP for 750ML) is a vegan mezcal produced from a field blend of wild agaves that are roasted and distilled together, with botanicals hung from the Arabic still during the second distillation, resulting in a mezcal with notes of cooked agave, mandarin, oranges, anise & mint.

These two new products join Pelotón de la Muerte’s successful Espadín expression (($14.99 for 200ml, $29.99 for a 750ml, $39.99 for L and $64.99 for 1.75L), which has become a favorite of mixologists with its well-balanced flavor profile. This mezcal is produced using traditional methods, with the agaves first being cooked in a lava rock lined pit, lined with dried agave, for 5 days before being crushed with a tahona wheel before being fermented in open-air tanks for 4 days using only natural airborne yeasts and then double-distilled in 200L copper pots. While many of the mezcals on the market possess overpowering smokiness that make it difficult to drink more than one cocktail, Pelotón de la Muerte has one of the most balanced and quaffable flavor profiles out there.

The Pelotón de la Muerte family of mezcals will be available nationwide beginning in August. For more information about these new products, please visit

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