Slalom Fox Cocktails Debuts New Mixed 4-Pack

BOULDER, CO. — Slalom Fox Cocktails, one of the original makers of ready to drink canned cocktails, has announced that it has expanded its product line with the launch of a new mixed four pack. Made with real juices and real spirits, Slalom Fox Cocktails offers authentic flavor profiles of your favorite cocktails in the convenience of a can. The new four pack offers vodka, bourbon, gin and whiskey varietals to suit a range of palates. Each canned cocktail yields two servings and is ready-to-drink straight from the can or poured over ice.

Canned cocktails have gone from nearly nonexistent to ubiquitous in the United States in just a few years, as consumers continue to look for more natural, refreshing alternatives to beer. Originally designed to be enjoyed on the go, Slalom Fox is finding that more and more people are drinking their beverages at home to avoid the hassle involved with securing the ingredients required to mix cocktails from scratch.

According to founder Katie Burns, “Our cocktail flavors are inspired by Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle. They’re perfect for drinking while camping, after a hike or a bike ride, or while floating down a river or on a lake. But they are also great for those sheltering at home in their own backyards. The new four pack is a great way to sample all flavors and find your favorite.”

Product Facts: Canned Cocktail Variety Pack

  • Details: Four varieties of canned cocktails so everyone can enjoy their favorite cocktail anytime, anywhere.
  • Flavors:
  • Vodka Collins – Vodka, lemon juice, hint of thyme
  • Bourbon Revival – Bourbon, lemon juice, black currant
  • Gin Spritz – Gin, grapefruit, rosemary
  • Whiskey Mule – Whiskey, lime juice, ginger
  • ABV: 7-9%
  • Packaging: Four 12oz bold, bright, recyclable cans (one can of each flavor)

About Slalom Fox Cocktails:

Katie and John Burns are busy parents of five who are always on the hunt for more time to recreate. In 2018, they combined their unique backgrounds in sales and the natural products industry with their love for mixing up tasty herbal syrups and cocktails in their kitchen to launch a line of bar-quality cocktails that could be enjoyed without making a trip to the bar. They named their canned cocktail line Slalom Fox as a nod to the Colorado ski culture and the fox, an animal they have always revered. Slalom Fox cocktails are perfect for any occasion where time is valuable and glass bottles are impractical.

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