Beverage Alcohol Industry Veteran Debuts A New Line of Botanical Spiked Tincture Tonics

Alexi Cashen, CEO of Elenteny Imports, an industry leader in freight forwarding, compliance, and logistics for importers of wine, spirits, and beer, is pleased to announce the launch of St Hildie’s Botonica, a better-for-you adult beverage: Tincture Tonics offering a delightful tasting experience, with botanicals, light booze, real fruit, and science-backed adaptogenic and nootropic tinctures that help support mood and experience.

Alexi Cashen co-founded St Hildie’s Botonica alongside female executives Christine Peck and Meghan Deroma, with the mission to provide an alternative adult beverage for the modern and health-conscious consumer. St Hildie’s Botonica is plant-based with real ingredients, real food, adaptogens, and nootropics for health benefits, low ABV (5%), no added sugar, low in calories, and gluten-free. St Hildie’s Botonica will hit the shelves with eye-catching can packaging featuring a modern and sleek design in different colors reflecting the versatile flavor offering.

“St Hildie’s Botonica was created from a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle while honoring the joys of imbibing. We want consumers to know what they are putting in their bodies. To understand the ingredients on the label and not hidden in the can,” said Alexi Cashen, Co-Founder of St Hildie’s Botonica and CEO of Elenteny Imports. “As a libations logistics veteran and with the depth of expertise from the St Hildie’s team, we are bringing a new, better-tasting alcohol beverage thoughtfully crafted from ancient wisdom and modern philosophies for your body, mind, and spirit.”

With over 20 years of experience across hospitality, wholesale and global logistics, Alexi has had a keen eye for innovation, new opportunities, and trends. In 2010, Alexi co-founded Elenteny Imports with industry veteran Tim Elenteny after witnessing the financial crisis first-hand and the opportunity to offer innovative logistics services to wine, spirits, and beer companies during unprecedented times. Like Alexi, in 2018, Tim also launched an alcohol brand, BREA WINE CO., alongside Chris Brockway, a noted California natural winemaker, after noticing the thirst for site-specific, terroir-driven, and sustainably farmed wine. Alexi and Tim are two logistics leaders and entrepreneurs driven by their passion for taking risks in the name of innovation and disrupting the alcohol beverage industry with Elenteny Imports, BREA WINE Co., and now St Hildie’s Botonica.

Starting in August 2021, consumers will be able to enjoy St Hildie’s in California’s prominent local retailers and restaurants: Gus’s Community Market, The Epicurean Trader in San Francisco, Erewhon in Los Angeles + Driver’s Market, Mill Valley Market, and The Junction Beer Garden in Marin. St Hildie’s Botonica will also be available for purchase via the Tavour app and online.

About Elenteny Imports

Founded in 2010, Elenteny Imports is a B2B logistics company servicing US Importers and wine, beer, and spirits brands looking for a modern approach to alcohol distribution in the US. Elenteny helps hundreds of companies navigate the three-tier system to easily expand their market reach, guaranteeing all of the details between initial order and final sale, allowing importers and brands to focus on what makes them grow: sourcing and sales.

About St Hildie’s Botonica

St Hildie’s Botonica sits at the intersection of ancient botanical wisdom, modern wellness, and a good time. Their elevated Tincture Tonics offer a delightful tasting experience, with botanicals, light booze, real fruit, and science-backed adaptogenic and nootropic tinctures that help support mood and experience. They have a tight, all-female founding team, with decades of experience in Marketing and Alcohol. Along with this actually beneficial-for-you boozy cocktail, they’ve created a killer brand and are fostering community and female-led innovation in the historically male-dominated alcohol space. Tincture Tonics are ready-to-drink canned cocktails made from fermented cane sugar rather than spirits, to keep alcohol low and increase distribution reach. St Hildie’s uses phrases like ‘Functional-beverage-meets-cocktail’ and ‘actually-better-for-you booze.’ St Hildie’s is giving a portion of their revenue to the Health in Harmony organization, supporting women through radical listening to bolster entrepreneurialism, improve access to healthcare all while preserving rainforests across the globe.

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