Happenstance Whiskey Is Now Available

Happenstance, a premium whiskey spirit that celebrates life’s moments that happen by chance, is available for distribution through Lipman Brothers. The Nashville-based, female-owned brand launched its Founder’s Edition, straight bourbon whiskey that contains a complex combination of vanilla, hazelnut, toasted oak, honey, and toffee notes – double distilled, barrel-aged to perfection.

“We wanted to create a product that pays homage to the tradition of American bourbons that have come before us, but with an unexpected punch of today’s most sought out flavors,” says Paige Parker, founder of Happenstance. “Although we believe many great moments happen by chance, our premium-bourbon is not one of them. At Happenstance, we’re raising a new generation of whiskey lovers who celebrate life’s little moments, so cheers to that!”

Along with its unique flavor profile, Happenstance’s design-forward bottle is intentionally curated to be the perfect addition to one’s bar cart. Parker focused on the design as intensely as she did cultivate the unique flavors of this new era bourbon. The edgy and sleek bottle stands out on any shelf and its foil and noir finishes communicate its quality and add a high-end look, while its modern lettering pays ode to the heritage of bourbon, approachable branding, and color pallet, and finishes off with a contemporary touch with the wings that wrap the bottle.

Happenstance fills a void in the whiskey category, offering an approachable yet elevated spirit brand and flavor profile that welcomes both introductory whiskey drinkers and seasoned professionals. Bourbon has experienced a significant boom over the past few years and is currently the third fastest-growing spirit in the U.S, according to Nielson data.

Blended and bottled in Nashville, Happenstance is 90 proof with 45 percent ABV. The 750mL bottle retails for a suggested MSRP of $55.99 and online ordering will be available for the Nashville market online later this month. Additionally, Happenstance is currently available at select Nashville liquor stores, bars, and restaurants and will be coming soon to additional U.S. markets.

About Happenstance Whiskey

Happenstance believes that many great moments happen by chance, but their premium bourbon is not one of them. Although they like tradition, they’re not so old fashioned. Happenstance wanted to create a brand that pays homage to the tradition of American bourbons that have come before, but with an unexpected punch of today’s most sought out flavors. The spirit welcomes both the introductory whiskey drinker and seasoned whiskey lover.

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