Local Choice Spirits Puts Alcohol On The Blockchain

Local Choice Spirits, a female-family owned distillery long known as a leader of innovation in disruptive technologies and brand building, is proud to announce they will be the first major alcohol producer in the world to put alcohol ON THE BLOCKCHAIN – pushing the industry into the Web 3.0 movement, providing a global platform for producers and brand builders to get financing for their projects, to market and sell direct to consumers, and to change the market interaction forever.

Through partnerships with the most skilled distillers, world-class NFT artists, high visibility influencers and celebrities, and a platform for future alcohol trading and exchange built with both traditional finance (Wall Street) and a new wave of decentralized finance (block-chain / crypto), Local Choice is looking to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, distillers, and creatives with a new way to go to market and sell spirits and more.  The inaugural release will be available late August via Local Choice’s web and retail locations, and the Barrel Finance (BarrelFi) platform and the rest will be history in the making.

The Barrel Finance (BarrelFi) platform has been developed to enable producers to globally list limited run spirits, to provide direct to consumer interaction, and to create funding through token-backed offerings.  Using the platform will provide significant public awareness on new offerings and exclusivity for rare offerings.  We expect the halo-effect will create hype and increase sales for an entire brand, while providing users universal access to rare offerings that are guaranteed to be authentic backed by the immutable block-chain. This platform can eradicate counterfeiting and bootlegging forever, creating a Trustmark for consumers who care about the authenticity and supporting of bespoke brands and rare collectibles. From celebrities to influencers to smart business people, partnering with the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) of this network provides increased avenues for success for launching brands.  It’s about who you know, what you know and how much you care about people!

Local Choice will kick off the NFT release on the heels of their previous history making 2021 sell out of their Striped Pig, 6 year old Bottled In Bond Bourbon line, now offering the first 11 bottles each of their coveted Bottled In Bond  Line with the release of a 5 Year Old High Proof Striped Pig Bottled In Bond Kentucky Bourbon, a 4 Year Old Bottled In Bond Striped Pig 100% Rye Whiskey, and a 7 Year Old Bottled In Bond High Proof Bourbon from the first barrel of bourbon ever made in SC! This will be the first female created, one-of-a-kind numbered launch tied to a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) globally and will provide collectors in the alcohol and NFT/Crypto markets the first US-based offering ever, paving the way for future technologically based digital sales and trading of premium beverage goods with an amazing story. And that is just the beginning of what this platform will offer and how we plan to change a multi trillion dollar industry forever.

Pixie Paula Dezzutti, the CEO of award winning Local Choice Spirits, Skirt Magazine and Striped Pig Distillery has been a thought leader in empowerment for decades, launching the first diversity brands in the spirits business over a decade ago, and accelerating diversity distribution companies by providing diversity products for retail, allowing local artists a chance to play global with the “Big Boys” winning more awards in every genre of spirits. Her commitment to innovation and excellence resonates through the messaging of  Skirt Magazine, celebrating it’s 27th year as a southern feminist iconic media outlet. As a leader in disruptive technologies Ms. Dezzutti was the first member of the South Carolina Emerging Tech Association (SCETA) and is lobbying at the highest levels to advance their mission “to foster innovation through advocacy and education” inspiring a technological economic development initiative to attract critical and emerging technology throughout the state. Thanks to SCETA and our platform, nationally recognized practitioner-scholars specializing in the rapidly evolving law of blockchain are navigating the legal intricacies of crypto and blockchain technology.

There are innumerable opportunities for BarrelFi to give the industry a token up. Ms. Dezzutti spent two decades as an expert in the financial and tax planning field before becoming an early investor, brand manager, and director on the board of a cutting-edge technology company, now called Green River Spirits.  Having built worldwide connections in the industry, she leveraged her expertise to create a platform of award winning beverage brands leveraging technologies including ultra filtration, rapid maturation, and now the purification of our water sources, the ultimate filtration for beverages. Her experience has led to features in iconic publications such as Forbes Magazine, USA Today, Bloomberg Finance, The Huffington Post, Wine & Country Magazine, and Entrepreneur Mind World. She has spoken at events including The Los Angeles Brand Innovation Summit, The Confidence Factor for Women, The Sophia Institute’s Women Rising Conference and will be the Media Correspondent conducting live interviews at the American Distilling Institute Conference (ADI) taking place in Louisville, Kentucky at the end of the month. Her message and vision for collaborations that drive technological advancements for prosperity and possibility continually inspires change in the world.

In 2021 Charleston Business Magazine named her in 2020’s Top 50 Most Influential People & Hall of Famers which has allowed her to further expand her voice in the charge for equality and empowerment.  Ms. Dezzutti stands as a role model for all of us as human beings, igniting inspiration for a better planet by staying the course with integrity no matter how challenging. She shares, “ As a mother of 9 and a grandmother of 8, my greatest blessing has been my children rallying around me to support me and work our family business even when the end game was not certain. Women of my generation often experienced lack of support with progressive ideas. But women are naturally more inclusive and integrated at high level business. Perhaps because of their own drive and abilities to bring a sorely needed female voice and skill set to improve how business is being done in our world. I am delighted to expand a path for women in math, science, engineering and technology.”

Over time, BarrelFi plans to add more capability,  providing a  novel type of digital marketplace for spirits, leveraging the immutable blockchain. Unlike anything else in the marketplace, users can instantly and globally buy guaranteed authentic products which are scarce in value.  Simultaneously producers can participate financially in the sale and resale of their goods, accruing fees when their product is resold – a benefit that isn’t possible in today’s traditional sales marketplace.  In addition, as consumption of a given release occurs and scarcity increases, the remaining bottles in circulation will be known at all times, providing a level of transparency and valuation not possible today for avid alcohol collectors. Through the expertise and award-winning direction of the Local Choice Spirits Incubator/Accelerator Program, brand builders will have access to the greatest team and tools for their success. BarrelFi will enable trading and full market dynamics for digital representations of alcohol sales for generations to come. Earn Your Stripes at The Striped Pig Distillery and create a legacy of your own.

Contact Pixie Paula, paula@localchoice.us, if you are interested in launching a brand, dropping a limited release, or learning how you can benefit from partnership with us on Barrel Finance. We expect the first few listings to be incredibly exclusive and collectible long-term given the dramatic change to the space that the Barrel Finance will introduce over time, and the collectability of first-of-a-kind NFTs. There are numerous ways you can participate with this movement so sign up for our newsletter.

Mark Belluz, CEO of BarrelFi commented on the announcement, “We are thrilled to partner with Pixie and Local Choice for the inaugural Barrel Finance offering. BarrelFi is looking to transform the Spirits Industry with Blockchain. We have a fundamental belief in blockchain’s ability to align buyers and sellers in a way never before possible, so crypto-tied limited releases are an inevitability.  The value is immediate and permanent!  Buyers get peace of mind via the elimination of forgeries, while producers are empowered to participate in resale transactions. In addition, the transparency provided by the blockchain will provide real-time global inventory – of critical value to collectors – and as incremental consumption takes place, market value of the BarrelFi offerings will change in real time.  With Local Choice coming on-board we are out of the gate with an inaugural launch full of “FIRSTS” and are building an incredible pipeline of future offerings.  It will be the First Women-Owned Distillery 5 Year Old Bottled In Bond Kentucky Bourbon Release,  4 year old Bottled In Bond Rye Whiskey Release, and 7 Year Old Bottled In Bond and first bourbon ever made in SC, (legally anyway!). This is the first NFT backed sale tied to the blockchain, and our first offering.  With Pixie and Local Choice, we have no doubt our platform will become the go-to destination for collectors and producers.  We believe this is a massive step forward for both the crypto and spirits marketplaces and our team could not be more thrilled to make an impact and move the world forward.”

Joshua Wozniak, COO of BarrelFi added, “Tying physical assets to the blockchain is a natural evolution for NFTs. Ultimately we are also really trying to help with an industry that is changing to a more direct-to-consumer model, the two movements really fit together well and using NFTs gives us a vehicle to assist and accelerate that transformation.”

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