Maine’s Bimini Coconut Gin Now Available In Georgia

Biddeford, Maine — Round Turn Distilling, makers of the award-winning Bimini Gin, announce their arrival in Georgia with their newest expression, Bimini Coconut. Now available on the menu at Atlanta’s Ticonderoga Club and at stores throughout Georgia as a member of the Craft Spirits Cooperative portfolio distributed in Georgia by Avant Partir Wines.

Bimini Coconut is the first-ever commercial coconut-washed gin in the US.

Bimini Coconut is made with the same base distillate of soft juniper, hops and grapefruit as Round Turn’s Bimini Gin. Organic Fair trade-certified coconut flavor is added through a fat-washing process that makes Bimini Coconut possibly the first-ever commercially-available gin of its kind.

Round Turn partnered with one of Atlanta’s hottest summer destinations to put Bimini Coconut on the menu in the Coco Negroni at Ticonderoga Club, where Co-Owner Paul Calvert calls it the first American gin of consequence since Lance Winters bottled St. George Terroir or Todd Leopold made the first Leopold Bros. gins.

“Best of all, it’s killer in a Negroni, as any gin worth drinking should be,” Calvert says.

Calvert says Bimini Coconut has to be good to impress him.  “There are loads of gins out there. I think if a distiller decides to make a gin, they better have something new to say about the category because, honestly, I could be happy with Beefeater for the rest of my gin-drinking life.”

Calvert was already impressed with Bimini Gin’s flavor and ability to stand up in a long drink when Round Turn Co-Founder Darren Case asked for his assessment during Bimini Coconut’s R&D phase.

“It blew my mind,” Calvert says. “I really felt like [Case] was saying something entirely new about gin. The coconut is subtle and best of all develops as an aromatic element as the gin dilutes. It doesn’t taste like ‘coconut-flavored’ gin but more like the coconut is — and maybe should have been all along — an essential component in gin, like juniper.”

Case and his wife, Round Turn Distilling Co-Founder Kristina Hansen, make Bimini Coconut via their unique fat-washing process by heating organic extra virgin coconut oil to a liquid state and adding it to their unfiltered gin distillate for an extended maceration. The mixture is then chilled until the coconut oil becomes solid and can be strained out. The resulting coconut flavor is natural, dry, and well balanced with the gin botanicals.

Bimini uses a neutral base spirit made from non-GMO American corn distilled four times for exceptional purity. The water in Bimini Coconut comes from the Saco River, which flows from the White Mountains of New Hampshire right past Round Turn Distilling and into the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike many flavored gins, Bimini Coconut does not contain flavor extracts.

Founded in 2015 by Case and Hansen, Round Turn Distilling is located on the coast of Maine in the former mill town of Biddeford, just south of Portland. Case and Hansen, who also serve as the distillers, have transformed a 150-year-old textile mill into a state-of-the-art distillery.

“Georgia has long been on the forefront of the cocktail renaissance thanks very much in part to the work of Paul [Calvert] and Greg [Best],” says Case, “It is a great honor for them to choose Bimini for their menu.”

Coconut Negroni, The Ticonderoga Club, Atlanta, Georgia, $12

  • 1 oz. Alessio Chinato Italian Vermouth
  • 1 oz. Ticonpari, the Ticonderoga Club house ‘Campari’ or Campari
  • 1 oz. Bimini Coconut Gin

Method: Build ingredients over ice and stir briefly to blend. Garnish with an orange swath.

About Bimini Gin

Bimini is inspired by bright sunshine, warm breezes and sparkling waves, the taste of summer vacation all year round. Handcrafted by Round Turn Distilling in Biddeford, Maine, a state-of-the-art distillery located in a 150 year-old textile mill on the coast, the Bimini line includes Bimini Gin ($30), Bimini Overproof ($35), Bimini Barrel Reserve No. 1 ($35), and Bimini Coconut ($35).

Bimini Coconut is currently distributed in the following states: CA, MA, ME, IL, NY, NJ, and GA. It is also available for purchase online via with shipping to 41 states. 47% alc/vol. SRP: $34.99 for 750ml.

About The Craft Spirits Cooperative

The Craft Spirits Cooperative is a hybrid program pairing brand building efforts with distribution. Their salespeople practice an education-first selling style to let the unique stories and liquids produced by their suppliers shine. By representing a curated portfolio, they are able to maintain a singular focus on bringing exceptional products to remarkable accounts.

About Ticonderoga Club

Ticonderoga Club celebrates what a great local tavern can be — a warm, inclusive place where guests are consistently inspired by delicious food and drink; a place where service is easy but flawless and the atmosphere is familiar but wildly irreverent. Modeled somewhat on classic Colonial taverns of old, Ticonderoga Club will also embody the values of its owners: the importance of local partnerships and craft, a love of the unusual and the unexpected, a great sense of humor, an absolute commitment to hospitality and longevity. With Greg Best and Paul Calvert behind the bar, David Bies in the kitchen, Regan Smith running the dining room, and Bart Sasso managing the look and feel of the place, Ticonderoga Club will quickly become a stalwart local not just for Krog Street Market and Inman Park, but for the wider and growing neighborhood that is The City of Atlanta.

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