Official Brand Overview

Who says boxed wine has to be boring? BeatBox is all you need for an EPIC party! Rule #1 Don’t be boring! Your parents drank boring boxed wine. You shouldn’t have to. We believed that when we mixed our first batch of Beatbox Beverages and we believe it now. The founders were brought together originally by our love of music. BeatBox packaging and product is inspired by music and its power to bring people together. The flavors are remixes of timeless classics, but with an amped up modern twist. We started in Austin Texas & worked like crazy That started as an idea in the Live Music Capitol of the world, Austin, TX, has grown to become a staple everywhere good times and great friends meet to relive old memories and make new ones. It’s been quite the journey for us. We stayed up late night after night working to perfect the flavors and jumped through every hoop possible to bring our vision to life. We eventually got to the floor of Shark Tank where Mark Cuban believed in our vision and backed us to help ensure that boxed wine would never be boring again. Where we are now Since then, we’ve found our ways into coolers, tailgates, truck beds, and music festivals all across the country. The music, team colors, and scenery may be different, but the quest to make the most out the best years of our lives isn’t. We could go on and on about what Beatbox means to us, but what’s most important is what it means to you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re floating a river in Texas, tailgating a football game in Florida, or soaking up the California sun on the beach. Grab a box. Slap the bag. Share with Friends. We do not condone alcohol abuse or misuse. We encourage BeatBox consumers to drink our products responsibly. Comments that are inappropriate, offensive, or suggest irresponsible consumption will be deleted. Thank you for your continued support! If your are 21+ and choose to drink, please do so responsibly. If you are under 21, respect the law and don't drink alcohol.

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