Official Brand Overview

buzzbox cocktails are true, handcrafted premium drinks, made with only the finest real & natural ingredients. No preservatives or artificial flavors, ever! buzzbox beverages is a first of its kind beverage manufacturing company that specializes in premium, single serve, ready to drink cocktails in recyclable, green, and energy efficient packaging. buzzbox is recognized as creating the world’s first and finest eco-friendly cocktail! The Company’s proprietary packaging allows for its beverages to be poured over ice or consumed directly from the “box” with an attached straw, making it the first “complete drink experience” in a recyclable, green, efficient and recognizable package. buzzbox has refined its proprietary recipes for most of the popular premium cocktails and packaged them in an easy-to-use, eco-friendly, single serving “box” to enjoy conveniently with consistency, eliminating the need for mixing, standing in lines or waiting for servers. And with no preparation needed, drinks can be served quicker and more often with no ancillary costs. Just chill, shake and enjoy! With buzzbox’s unique packaging, cocktails can be served and enjoyed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively in their own packaging or poured out into a consumer’s favorite container. buzzbox’s lightweight transportable packaging weighs only a fraction of a glass bottle, making transportation easy on the environment. buzzbox has created a unique product that will impact and change the market delivery of cocktails and mixed drinks while creating an entire new revenue opportunity for events and venues! Besides its “green” packaging materials and processes, all of buzzbox’s cocktails are produced in aseptic packaging, giving these products a shelf life of over 18 months.

Current product lineup