Fit Vine Wine

by FitVine cellars

Official Brand Overview

Drink clean. Great tasting. No additives & no residual sugar. 100% money back guarantee. As athletes, we have been searching for some time to find the right alcoholic beverage to enjoy in our down time. After searching for awhile and not finding anything on the market that met our needs we decided to make our own wines. We spent a considerable amount of time finding sourcing the right grapes to make high quality wines specifically for the active lifestyle. These wines are meant for drinking, and we want to share these wines with everyone. We think the high quality fermentation and carefully sourced grapes make these wines special and a perfect companion to a healthy lifestyle. People often ask us what makes our wine " healthy " or a fit for the active lifestyle. Research has shown that the combination of regular exercise and moderate consumption of red/white wine improves cardiac health and can lower cholesterol. Red contains higher levels of polyphenols and resveratrol but white wines are also shown to be effective. Another new study has shown that red wine can give athletes a boost in their level of performance enhancing testosterone stored in their bodies. The quality of the grapes plays a major role in this of course and the price doesn't always equal quality. As fellow athletes we wanted to bring a high quality wine to the active lifestyle that is reasonably priced and trusted to reach for on a nightly basis, as a gift for a friend or to be served after your next victory!

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