Official Brand Overview

Laws Whiskey House is a distillery, but more than that it is where we can educate and share everything we know and love about whiskey. We live by a few simple rules, call them our mantra. Craft over commodity. Quality over quantity. Whiskey above all.® If we had to add a fourth (and we do…) it would be “There are no shortcuts”. These principles appear on the walls of our distillery. They guide every decision that we make. Just as important as our commitment to making the best whiskey, is our commitment to our customers. We believe and are founded in transparency, integrity, and honesty. If you can't trust us how can you trust what's in the bottle? We are an integrity-based distillery providing ethically-made high quality whiskey. We’re eager to share that which we are so proud of, our whiskey made in Colorado, with a character that can be appreciated by urban pioneers and high country people alike.

Current product lineup