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Stolichnaya® Premium Vodka. Uncompromising quality since 1938. – Savor Stoli® Responsibly. 80 Years Of Legacy Since the dawn of the 20th Century, I have witnessed great moments of humanity. I have journeyed into space on board Soyuz 19 and bound men together in oaths of allegiance and honored their triumphs. I pioneered flavored vodkas in the 60s and have mixed cocktails for the finest actors and the greatest Presidents. I have no official birthday, but for more than 80 years have been produced to the same traditions and highest quality standards. The Benchmark For Vodka Far though I travel, I never forget my origins. My roots are in the fertile black soil of Russia’s Tambov region where, to this day, I own my own farms. Here the finest wheat is the treasured reward for a year’s hard work and the key to my gentle, grainy taste. Distilled just three times to yield the finest quality of Alpha spirit – the highest standard of Russian alcohol – this is the undiluted essence of Stolichnaya® vodka. It was Stoli® who set this standard and we have been upholding it ever since. The Tale Of Two Countries In the magnificent Latvijas Balzams in Riga, a cathedral to vodka built by order of the Tsar in 1901, I am readied to meet the world. Here my city guardians uphold the oldest Stolichnaya traditions to guarantee my legendary purity. I am filtered four times, first through quartz sand and birch wood charcoal. Finally, I am blended with pure, natural spring water from the Balzams’ artesian well. Only then am I vodka of the most exceptional quality. Only then, with my subtle taste of the finest wheat, crafted into a uniquely smooth mouth sensation, can I call myself Stolichnaya. The Original Vodka By the old traditions, I am celebrated for the original I am, drunk neat and unchilled, accompanied only by a toast. On my travels, I mix easily and well. I am a Black Russian and a Cosmopolitan, a Bloody Mary and many different Martinis. I am praised for the smooth character I bring to every drink and I have won the world’s greatest bartenders as my champions. SAVOR STOLI® RESPONSIBLY. Stolichnaya® Premium Vodka and Flavored Premium Vodkas. 37.5%-40% Alc/Vol. (75-80 proof). Distilled from Russian Grain. Stoli Group USA, LLC, New York, NY ©2014 Spirits International, B.V.

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