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Last Updated: 12/21/2010 3:02 PM

Chillo is, as one can probably infer from the leaf image that's on the front of the can, is an energy drink that's enhanced with hemp seed extract. Inside the can, the product has a fairly innocuous taste to it, with a sugar sweetened formulation that tastes like peach citrus. There's a light amount of bite to the finish, but it's consistent with other drinks in the category. Functionally, the product has hemp seed extract, taurine, caffeine (content not disclosed on the can), glucuronolactone, inositol, and B vitamins. In our tests, it had energy kick that was on par with other drinks in the category. On the outside, you've got something that has nice aesthetics, but the positioning seems a bit confused. For starters, the name "Chillo" implies relaxation, whereas this is an energy drink. And placing an image of a hemp leaf is a corny — and very limiting — approach to sell this drink, especially when the benefits of hemp seed (which they don't explain in any way) have nothing to do with the leaves. Not to mention that only a certain set of consumers is going to be willing to tote around a drink with an image of a "marijuana leaf" on it. Overall, it's a nice concept, but taking their marketing and positioning more seriously would help this product. Until then, it's a product with self imposed limited potential.


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