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Last Updated: 7/28/2010 10:49 AM

Compared to the first flavor of Granny Squibb’s that we sampled, the Mojito/Lime Tea is definitely a more enjoyable tasting product. It has a very mainstream flavor, with a pleasant base of black tea and cane sugar providing the base of the drink. From there, they’ve added lemon and lime juices and mint, which give the product a flavor that’s very much like a “half and half," but with more emphasis on the lime flavor. All in all, what’s inside the bottle is a very enjoyable product. As far as the outside goes, we have mixed feelings about this one. The design of the bottle seems like something that’s trying to build nostalgia and an artisan vibe to the product. However, pairing that with a flavor called mojito lime seems a bit weird, at least in the sense that the mojito is something that’s more of a fad flavor (at least in soft drinks) than one that pairs with the nostalgic looking theme. The simple fix is to drop this word and just call it “Lime” or “Lemon Lime.” Overall, we like this product, but a more suitable name would make it even better.


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