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Last Updated: 3/23/2010 1:58 PM

Nawgan’s other Berry formulation is a caffeine-enhanced version of their original formulation. With its added 100mg of natural caffeine, this product is effectively a relatively strong energy drink. (Red Bull contains about 80mg of caffeine in a serving). Functionally, you’ve also got the “memory and thinking” functions, which are the same as the non-caffeinated Berry variety of Nawgan. However, the added energy function comes at the expense of flavor, with a noticeable caffeine note in both the body and finish. It’s certainly not intolerable, but it’s a step down from its counterpart. On the packaging front, it’s not instantly obvious what the difference between the two products is, which is the result of a using color to designate the caffeine content rather than a flavor difference and instead placing it in smallish text on the lower portion of the front panel. Moving the caffeine content (or even labeling it an energy drink) to where the flavor name is would likely be the simplest way to remedy this. Overall, we think that the addition of caffeine adds to the marketability of the product, but making the flavor a bit more drinkable and calling out the caffeine would help make it an even better product.


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