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Review: Revive Kombucha “Wild Ginger” Offers a New Twist on Kombucha

Posted: Oct 04, 2016 at 2:52 PM (Last Updated: Oct 05, 2016 at 9:41 AM)

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Does the concept of a ginger-flavored kombucha catch our eye? Definitely not. In fact, it’s probably the most ubiquitous flavor for a kombucha at this present moment. Fortunately for Revive, what they’ve created is not a ginger-flavored kombucha, but rather a kombucha that’s made from ginger.

What that means is that this product doesn’t contain cultured tea, which is the traditional ingredient used to make kombucha. Instead, Revive has brewed ginger with kombucha culture, which is a similar approach that they’ve taken with their other offerings, such as coffee or yerba mate. In this case the product is made with raw ginger, cane sugar, their own kombucha culture, raw lime juice, and raw ginger juice. With only 60 calories and 10g of sugar per 11 oz bottle, the formulation is something that you can definitely feel good about.

The resulting flavor is really something special, effectively bridging the gap between what you’d expect from a kombucha and a soda. In this case, the product is almost a dead-on clone of a slightly spicy ginger ale. It’s light and spicy, with a touch of sweetness and a hefty dose of carbonation that gives the product a perfectly crisp finish. Thinking back to the days when all kombucha tasted as though it were one step removed from vinegar, this product is a great showcase of just how far the category has evolved.

Packing is Revive’s recently released 11 oz. stubby bottle, which definitely looks like a “craft” product. The label, which features illustrated artwork, feels busy rather than polished, which is probably the biggest area that Revive stands to improve. It’s honestly the only place where there seems to be a gap between the brand and its primary competition, all of whom present a cleaner appearance. We’d love to see the Revive branding stand out and shine, but it’s something that’s a casualty of their approach to the label. Otherwise, we really wouldn’t change a thing -- this product is amazing.

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