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Last Updated: 7/10/2009 11:08 AM

Pina Colada drinks have never been big hits in the non-alcoholic space, so we were quite surprised at this choice of flavors. After tasting the product, our thoughts didn’t change at all, with too much coconut flavor and a “tropical” flavor that tastes washed out after mixing with the carbonated milk. Plus, there’s somewhat of an aftertaste to the product – like lingering sweetness and pina colada flavoring. Moving to the packaging and branding, this product has an eye catching look from afar. Close up, we think that the Tropical Colada flavor has less appeal than the other flavors. However, the dairy component makes a bit more sense, especially since the flavoring and milk combination aren’t that far off from what you’ll taste with coconut cream in a pina colada. Regardless, the “Vibrancy Drink” tag is still a big issue for us as it implies functionality that simply isn’t there. Overall, there’s some good stuff here conceptually, but the execution falls flat aside from the sheer aesthetics of the bottle’s design.


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