Review: Untitled Art CBD Sparkling Water

As a brand, Untitled Art is focused on delivering the “newest drink concepts and styles, showcasing our amazing artists, and collaborating with our friends around the world.” The company currently produces a beer and a CBD-infused sparkling water.

Spirits Feature: Despite Uncertainty, Capital is Still Out There

In the first quarter of 2020, thanks to Covid-19, the investment landscape for spirits—and literally every other category—quickly devolved into something unexpected. So what does this mean for investors and entrepreneurs looking for venture capital funding?

Review: Taika

Taika is a new line of 9.5 oz. ready to drink coffee beverages that describes itself as “the world’s first perfectly calibrated coffee.” The three-SKU line, which is sold direct-to-consumers via the company’s website, features formulations that are enhanced with adaptogens and functional mushrooms while still providing smooth flavor.

Out of Office: On Draft Coffee Suppliers Pivot to Survive

As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a shutdown of all non-essential businesses, leading to both mass layoffs and a widespread shift to work-from-home for white collar workers, the growing space for cold brew coffee on draft has been effectively halted. The impact has forced coffee brands and distributors that had relied heavily on the office channel to make rapid changes.

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Office Hours: Common Challenges, Hard Choices for Brands & Investors Under Stress

Office Hours, BevNET and NOSH’s weekly live call-in show, returns Tuesday, May 26 at 3 p.m. ET. Jordan Gaspar, managing partner at AF Ventures and Ben Mand, CEO of Harmless Harvest will field questions from food and beverage industry entrepreneurs about investor and brand relationships and how they can evolve in a crisis climate.

Review: HopTea Limited Edition “The Citra Bomb One”

The Citra Bomb One is Hoplark HopTea’s first flavor that’s being released as part of the brand’s new membership program, which offers subscribers an exclusive flavor every month. This variety, which is their member offering for May 2020, uses a white tea base and carbonated water and is double dry hopped with citra hops.

Spirits Gallery: This Spring’s New Rum, Whiskey and Gin Releases

In this gallery, we highlight some of the notable new gin, rum and whiskey releases, including a Caribbean-inspired creation from a scotch label, Sagamore Spirit’s second collaboration with brewer Sierra Nevada, plus a pair of releases which will direct proceeds to charitable organizations.

As Interest Soars, Immunity Seeks to Define Its Place

Though preventative medicine is routinely of consumer interest, the onset of the coronavirus has made immune support a hot topic, particularly as no treatment, cure or vaccine currently exists. Until they are found, supporting a healthy immune system is seen-- and shopped -- widely as one of the ways individuals can be proactive in the fight against the virus.

2020 DFA Accelerator Class Looks Toward Sustainability

Where trends such as ultra-filtered milk, grassfed and functional protein drinks have already given dairy a needed boost, national co-op Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is helping new brands to move ahead with its 2020 DFA Accelerator, which announced its class of nine companies last week.

WATCH: Recess CEO Benjamin Witte Talks Brand Expansion, Creative Strategy

With the release of three new flavors this month — Black Cherry, Coconut Lime and Blood Orange — Recess is aiming to pivot the line’s flavor range towards mainstream tastes, and also to build upon the unique “personalities." But the company is also looking beyond beverage for ways to both grow revenue and create a deeper connection with its core audience — artists, designers and creatives — as exemplified by the launch of its new clothing line, Recess Realitywear.

Taste Radio Ep. 214: These Are The Cornerstones Of Siete’s Billion-Dollar Strategy

Miguel Garza, co-founder & CEO of Mexican-American food brand Siete Family Foods, spoke about the principles upon which the company was founded, the roles of family and love play in the company’s operations, the hallmarks of its product development and innovation strategies and why revenue isn’t the defining metric for Siete to become an iconic brand.