FYLO Begins Retail Launch in NYC

FYLO, a brand of “digestive wellness” shots, is launching at retail, following last week’s announcement of its partnership with distributor and marketer Gotham Brand Managers.

The New York-based company, helmed by father and son co-founders John and Colin Maguire, has been sold in 12-packs online, via the brand’s website and through Amazon, since May. But according to Colin Maguire, who also serves as CEO, the company sees selling single shots for $3.99 via “point of sale” placement at retail checkout counters as a way to drive trial and sales.

Inspired by family-wide gastrointestinal issues — ranging from heartburn to celiac disease — the Maguires developed the FYLO shot as an alternative to medicines such as Tums and Pepto Bismol.

“Everything out there we thought was synthetic,” Colin Maguire said. “Rather than taking some pink slime if you have a stomach ache, we thought there was a void in the market for a natural alternative.”

FYLO claims to promote digestive health and help to settle upset stomachs. The 2-oz. shot line, which currently consists of a single mint-flavored SKU with more in the innovation pipeline, is made of a proprietary blend of ingredients including chamomile flower extract, ginger root extract, juniper berry, milk thistle seed, dandelion root extract, cinnamon bark and peppermint leaf.

In addition to new flavors, the company is also exploring the potential for powder-based products and larger RTD formats.

With Gotham, the Maguires are looking to spur growth in grocery, drug store and specialty channels, in particular health food retailers. Speaking to BevNET, Gotham CEO Trent Moffat said the company’s distribution arm is aiming to secure shelf placements before the holidays.

“We’re working as hard as we can these next two weeks to deliver accounts,” Moffat said.

According to Moffat, Gotham came to FYLO after the brand presented in the New Beverage Showdown at BevNET Live Summer 2017. Initially skeptical of partnering with a RTD shot, Moffat said he was impressed by the product’s differentiation and compared it to medicines such as Tums.

FYLO, which this summer reported early investments of $75,000, will promote the retail launch via in-store demoing and social media promotion, John Maguire said. While both consumer and buyer education remains a hurdle, the team hopes that the combination of point-of-sale placement and distinctive packaging will help to communicate the product’s functional benefits.

“We’re excited about it, this is the big next step,” Colin Maguire said. “We’ve always felt it made sense to be in-store next to the cash register. That’s where people will give it a shot. The color, branding and marketing of it jumps out at you and we think that will catch people’s eye.”