QURE Rebrands its Alkaline Water Line

LOS ANGELES — QURE water has announced it is embarking on a new marketing campaign to broaden its audience. QURE primary has lived in the natural channel since its inception in 2010 catering primarily to the health-conscious consumer looking for an alternative alkaline water made responsibly from natural renewable ingredients. As the high pH water continues to grow across conventional channels, QURE decided it is time to give the brand a fresh new look to expand its reach out to fitness millennials, progressive moms, and active health-conscious consumers.

One of the first order of business was to update the logo and their product through new packaging, aiming at a more simple and contemporary appearance while maintaining the brands original DNA of health and wellness.

With such a high degree of competition in the bottled-water market, some companies are struggling with their brand identity. QURE separates itself from the crowd by communicating its identity and difference clearly of being the highest pH in the industry with electrolytes made with natural minerals – also pointing out that it is currently the only alkaline water player making its alkaline water without wasting half the water in the process like its competitors. QURE’s process is like mother nature made responsibly without any waste utilizing renewable natural ingredients.

QURE also shared some of its newest innovation to come in 2018. One of the most recent is introducing the first ever high pH water of 10 pH with electrolytes and essence of natural flavors.

In order to learn more about the company and its main product, QURE’s website can be found at this address: http://qurealkalinewater.com.