Qure Water Unveils New Flavors

LOS ANGELES — Alkaline water continues to be a growing subcategory within the bottled water category. It has seen the addition of many new players and many national retailers due to the increase in consumer awareness.

As alkaline water category continues to grow, there has been a lot of buzz about the innovation of a high pH water with flavors. This particular innovation can be challenging because pH water is naturally very shelf unstable hence making it difficult to formulate and add anything extra to a high pH water. This is especially difficult for current brands that use the process of electrolysis to make their alkaline water.

Formulation testing

After extensive R&D, QURE Water from Newport Beach California announces the first ever-highest pH 10 alkaline water with electrolytes infused with the natural essence of flavors. Qure Water claims the reason for this stable 10 pH with flavors breakthrough is due to the use of the nature-like mineral process that makes QURE different with no waste and using natural renewable ingredients.

QURE shared that the formulation testing took over a year to ensure the natural flavors essence would not degrade the high pH while it potentially aged over a year. They also had to ensure that the flavors were natural and perfectly balanced to the palate while keeping its original silky smooth texture.

Revitalize with New Flavors

QURE Water revealed three new SKUs to the QURE family of high pH water: lemon ginger, cucumber mint, and watermelon kiwi. QURE ensured each flavor is described by the intended representation. For instance, lemon ginger represents cleansing, therefore, termed as RENEW, the watermelon kiwi has a refreshing and smooth taste, therefore, termed as REFRESH and the cucumber mint flavor is served in high-end spas for revival thus termed as REVITALIZE.

After extensive research that paid off, QURE has managed to bring the first flavored high pH water with different essences to choose from. Inspired by nature with the same smooth taste, QURE Water new line of flavored water will indulge your taste buds.

In order to learn more about the company and its new flavors, visit http://qurealkalinewater.com/explore-qure/qure-flavors/.