Trimino Brands Expands Distribution

BRANFORD, Conn. — Trimino Brands, maker of trimino – Protein Infused Water, is jumping off to a fast start in 2018 with the launch of trimino with Canada Dry New York, the Canada Dry Delaware Valley Bottling Company, Canada Dry Potomac Corporation, and Canada Dry Asbury Park covering territory from Greater NY south to Virginia.

“We are increasing our reach on the east coast and our store density, while improving service levels,” said Bob Leary, Chairman of Trimino Brands. “Solidifying our position in the Northeast allows us to launch into new geographies like Southern California.”

In addition to new distributors, sale of trimino has been authorized in over 180 Hannaford Supermarkets in the northeast and 349 supermarkets operating under Albertson’s banners in Southern California.

“These new retail authorizations are just the beginning of our expected growth in 2018,” said Peter Dacey, CEO of Trimino Brands. “We expect a few additional exciting announcements for Q-2 authorizations as well.”

With seven grams of whey protein isolate, B vitamins, and essential amino acids, trimino is a growing force in the functional water space; a market that is constantly looking for innovation and products that deliver benefits beyond hydration. trimino was created by three fathers in Guilford, Conn., as they tried to come up with an alternative beverage for their athletic-minded kids. By pooling their resources, they developed trimino as a sugar-free, low calorie protein infused water that offeres a healthy alternative to sugary sports drinks, high sugar soft drinks and diet sodas. trimino epitomizes the convenient, ready-to-drink protein solution without excess calories/carbs and, most importantly, without compromising taste.

About Trimino Brands, LLC

trimino protein-infused water does what water doesn’t by providing added benefits that water alone can’t. The 7 grams of whey protein in trimino helps maintain and restore muscle and curb appetite, while the B-complex vitamins help create sustaining energy throughout the day without the need for caffeine, sugar or unhealthy stimulants. Its 9 essential amino acids, the key building blocks found in protein, are critical for endurance and stamina. At only 28 calories with no sugar, carbs, fat or caffeine, trimino protein-infused water is a better way to hydrate and is available in a variety of delicious fruit flavors. Protein Never Tasted So Good!