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Q2 Recap: WhiteWave Sets Sales Records

As non-dairy milk alternatives continue to carve out space on retail shelves, one of the category’s biggest players is reaping the profits.

Stumptown Sending Stubby Cease and Desists

Secret Squirrel is one of up to a half-dozen other cold brew companies that have received the same cease-and-desist letter from Stumptown over trademarked packaging.

Judge Denies Late Motion in HFCS/Sugar Litigation

A federal judge has denied a motion from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) manufacturers, dealing them a blow in a lawsuit over marketing the sweetener as being the equivalent of sugar.

Monster in the Morning

On July 21, Monster filed for U.S. trademark registration for Ultra Sunrise, which leads one convenience store retailer surveyed by Wells Fargo to believe that the company “is moving toward a Monster [carbonated soft drink (CSD)] aimed at Mountain Dew.”

Vita Coconut Oil

The increasing popularity of coconut oil can be seen in lifestyle and beauty media, through celebrity use and promotion, and the ongoing consumer trend to find more natural food and beverage options.

Vitaminwater Revives Original Formula

Less than two months after Vitaminwater changed its formula by using a blend of cane sugar and stevia, the brand has brought back its original formula.

Introducing Hal’s Beverage From Big Geyser

Big Geyser has launched a new brand of seltzers titled “Hal’s Beverage.” The distributor will leverage its existing footprint to take on the New York City seltzer market.