Hansen #2 in Fortune's Fastest Growing Companies

Maybe Hansen Natural’s stock is down more than 45% from its 52 week high and Glaceau is stealing their thunder in the media as the industry’s golden boy. But not everyone is forgetting how well Hansen has done….This week’s Fortune Magazine, which features the 100 Fastest Growing Companies (publicly held, of course) lists Hansen as the #2 Fastest Growing Company (List: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortunefastestgrowing/2006/full_list/index.html). Their three year annual growth rate of 61% and its 344% total return (which tops the list) are extremely impressive — even more so for a beverage company.

In my opinion, the most impressive part about Hansen is the transformation they made from stale juice company into functional beverage powerhouse. They weren’t afraid to try new things and weren’t discouraged when their early efforts, like Hansen’s Energy back in 1997, weren’t home runs. As the industry evolved, they created Monster, and over time they have evolved it into one of the most formidable brands the industry has ever seen.

The question is, what next? How far can they continue to grow Monster? Your comments are welcome below….