Suggestions for POM Tea

I recently tried POM Wonderful’s new “POM Tea” line of products. Not what I expected at all. Way too sweet and sugary. It was tough to taste the pomegranate or the tea. Unfortunately, “flavor chemists gone wild” is the way to best describe its taste.

Of course, there’s the packaging….It really catches the eye. It’s original, clean, yet seemingly simple. It’s the type of thing that people in the industry will love. If it hasn’t already won awards, it probably will…it’s definitely worthy of them. However, practically speaking, the package is difficult to open and cumbersome to drink from relative to other single serve beverages. Then there’s the notion that it’s reusable…..well, I’m at a loss for words.

What’s my point? In my opinion, POM Tea really missed it big time with this product. I appreciate their intentions, but it seems that in trying to do many things with this product they didn’t actually create anything that was good. If they can fix this product, they’ve got a huge opportunity to go beyond pomegranate juice and hit the mainstream.

My hope is that they’ll reformulate this product using a much lighter and simpler formulation. I’ll even give them a formulation that I’ve made myself :)….Use that great blend of green tea and POM Wonderful pomegranate that was co branded with The Republic of Tea (aka “Pomegranate Green Tea”). Add honey. Put it in a nice bottle. That’s it. A simple, great tasting and very marketable product.