A fun way to drink milk? Cmon…

Sipahh “Milk flavoring straws” arrived in our office today and I must say that I was instantly intrigued by a product claiming to provide “a fun way to drink milk”. Drinking milk is most definitely not something that I would consider a fun activity.

So what are these things? The idea is simple: Sipahh are straws filled with little pellets of flavoring . Use the Sipahh straw to drink milk and voila, flavored milk. Sounds pretty simple.

So we gave them a try…Here’s our unofficial “Review”:

Made with tapioca starch, sugar, artificial flavor , ace-k and sucralose, the products contain about 10 calories per serving. Honestly, I was quite surprised to see artificial sweeteners as part of the ingredients. These products are for kids — What kid is going to be tricked into drinking milk with aftertaste of artificial sweeteners? Do parents really want their kids drinking sucralose and acesulfame potassium? I sure don’t.

The packaging is hard to open, but once you do, it’s pretty straight forward: stick in the glass of milk and drink. Sounds pretty simple, right? We thought so too, but it’s amazing how much sucking force is required to get the milk through the straw consistently. Plus – and this is definitely a design flaw — if you let it sit in a glass of milk for about 5 minutes (a reasonable amount of time for a child to consume an 8 oz. glass of milk), the pellets start to dissolve, rendering the straw completely useless.

Here’s a quick “Review” of the flavor:

  • Chocolate – Too much sweetener taste. Not enough chocolate flavor. Definitely not anywhere near as pleasing as straight up chocolate milk.
  • Cookies and Cream – Too sweet. It’s creamy, but doesn’t taste like cookies and cream.
  • Strawberry – Tastes just like strawberry milk. Mild sweetener aftertaste.
  • Banana – Best of the bunch. Decent banana flavor. Mild sweetener aftertaste.

Seems like a novelty product that will probably work on a child once or twice before the lingering sweetener aftertaste becomes as unpleasant as, well, eating broccoli.

Thanks, but I think I’ll stick with Hershey’s Syrup.

Check it out: http://www.sipahh.com