New energy drink with Pro Poker ties…uhh

Unlike most American men in my demographic, I don’t like poker.  I also don’t really like the artificial hype that surrounds new energy drink launches….I guess that’s what happens after you’ve been pitched “the next Red Bull” about a million times.

Anyway, check out the “media alert” below and maybe you’ll understand what I mean.  In their defense, we have not tried this product…and to be clear, I’m not passing judgement on the product — just the pitch behind it.  It’s amazing that after the 1000+ products that have entered this market, the pitches always contain the same things.

 jerry_yang.jpgLAS VEGAS — Jerry Yang, a 39-year-old psychologist who uses his professional training in his card-playing arsenal, won the top prize Wednesday of $8.25 million at the World Series of Poker.  -Fox NewsWinner of the World Series of Poker, Jerry Yang is one of 30 top poker players to endorse the brand new “ALL IN” Energy Drink – the newest product to hit the exploding energy drink category.   By linking two of America’s cultural phenomena: poker and energy drinks; “ALL IN” is cashing in on the two smokin’ hot trends simultaneously.  “ALL IN” – Unlike other energy drinks ALL IN contains no carbs, no sugar, and only ten calories. ALL IN comes in three flavors: grape, citrus, and root beer and uses a unique blend of herbs, vitamins and amino acids to provide a smooth, sustained boost.

50 million people play poker in North America and at least 10 million of those players are serious enough to play 5 or more hours every week.  

ALL IN Energy Drink has gone all in on the action and is literally fuelling and energizing the revolution one hand at a time.