Shameless Water Guide Plug

While assembling our 2007 Bottled Water Buyer’s Guide, we received many new brands of bottled water products that are (or will be) available in the US market.  Of course, there were lots of standard spring waters as well as countless new functional and vitamin enhanced products.  However, what I found most interesting about this year’s batch were the packaging styles.


For example, one of the products we received is Delicious Genuine Glacial Water.   It’s packaged in a 375 ml bottle that looks more like a premium vodka (complete with frosted coating and a cork) than a bottled water.  Bottled at a “carbon glacier source surrounded by ice over 700 feet thick and 3.5 miles long”, Delicious costs upwards of $13.50. 

There’s also Aqua Deco, which, as the name implies, comes in an art deco style bottle.  With it’s 750 ml proprietary glass bottle (a smaller plastic variety is also available), it hopes to be “the highlight of any table.”  Regardless, it’s certainly one of the more original shapes I’ve seen used for water.

Also interesting is the continued use of the flask style bottle.  It’s a simple concept that’s attractive and clean, offering a nice change of pace from the rest of the category.  There are now 3 brands using the package, including Fred (pictured above), SEI, and Liquid Salvation.  

To read more about packaging and products in the bottled water category, download our 2007 Bottled Water Buyer’s Guide.