A beverage idea so cool it's frozen

Beverage manufacturers have bottled a lot of unlikely drinks over the years – pickle juice comes to mind – but Jon Wilt may have the strangest idea in recent history.

He’s bottled blocks of ice.

You read that right. Blocks of ice. Mr. Wilt is doing the same thing you’ve done in the past – sticking a bottle of water in the freezer ahead of a hot day – but on a large scale.

Under the name Fria Frozen Water, Wilt has gotten his product into 12 stores, and is working on more, according to the Arizona Star. Wilt says he’s slowly (glacially?) gaining a following, but knows he’ll have to shift gears when the winter comes.

At that point, he will introduce his first line extension: un-frozen bottled water.

Somehow, I think this might get an icy reception.

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