A Tru-ly bad beverage idea

Tru BloodA product popped up on my radar Wednesday that made me dread the inevitable BevNET review. Tru Blood claims to be a synthetic blood substitute. For vampires, mostly. Initially, I doubted the product’s authenticity.

But, then again, I’d met people in college who believed they were vampires – despite making it to daytime classes without turning to a pile of ash. These people would probably go for Tru Blood, and their four flavors – O, A, B and AB – would give them a little variety in their bizarre hobby.

But, as it turns out, the “product” is a piece of viral marketing to promote HBO’s new vampire show, “True Blood.”

Great. It seemed like a bad beverage idea anyway. Where are you going to go for flavor extensions? And what about line extensions? Would they produce the other three humors?

Mmm, Tru Yellow Bile.