Official Brand Overview

Ex Drinks is a family of beneficial beverages dedicated to providing natural, great-tasting drinks for the active lifestyle and the people living it. Committed to "Creating Positive Change in the World" One Ex, One Person, One Community at a Time. Ex Drinks uses natural ingredients (such as raw beet sugar and Fruit Up®), nutrients and vitamins (No high-fructose corn syrup, synthetic caffeine or taurine). Also, Ex Drinks utilizes natural sources of energy like Kombucha, Asiatic Ginseng and Guarana. It is our sincere commitment to provide you with beneficial beverages that contain the highest quality natural ingredients to support healthy, active and balanced lifestyles. In addition to volunteering, supporting community initiatives, and giving back to local and worldwide charities, Ex Drinks is also dedicated to growing as a sustainable business. From building a new "green" company headquarters and producing its promotional items using environmentally sound materials (organic shirts and bamboo hats, etc.), to using energy efficient fridges and light tape signs (the most energy efficient illuminated lighting in the world), Ex Drinks takes environmental responsibility to a new level. The company is mindful of its footprint and impact in all facets of its business and actions.

Current product lineup

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