Better Booch Premium Kombucha Tea

by Better Booch

Official Brand Overview

A Boutique Kombucha Tea Company. Kombucha Tea is a beverage that has been consumed for thousands, (yes, thousands!) of years. Dating back to ancient times in Asia during the Tsin dynasty, it had an almost sacred reputation as the key to immortality. By way of intercontinental trade routes, this fermented beverage spread across Russia and Northern Europe, where it was thought to cure many different ailments, including gout and cancer. Today, Kombucha is a widely consumed drink, boasting a variety of healthful properties. Containing several different organic acids, vitamins and probiotics, this drink has been known to soothe the mind and protect against stress, flush out harmful toxins caused by plastics, herbicides, and pesticides, improve circulation, aide digestion, and provide a natural boost of energy. The Kombucha fermentation process starts with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, or SCOBY, harvested from a previously brewed batch of the beverage. The SCOBY is combined with distilled water, organic sugar and organic black tea and fermented for roughly two weeks. It should be noted that after fermentation, the drink has very little sugar. The sugar is used to feed the hungry microorganisms living in the brew, which in turn transforms the sugar into precious vitamins your body craves.

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