Official Brand Overview

We wanted a refreshing and functional sparkling drink with low sugar and clean ingredients, but the options we found were too sweet, too artificial. We couldn’t find what we were looking for, so we made a lighter and Brighter tonic ourselves. Brighter is a refreshing blend of prebiotics. Each can contains 20 grams of raw organic apple cider vinegar, a hint of organic maple syrup and natural plant oils for a gut-boosting acetic acid-powered quick fix. Apple cider vinegar, long relied on for its health-boosting properties, forms Brighter’s functional foundation. Its acetic acid-rich, plant-based properties support digestion and improve absorption of essential minerals in foods. We've crafted Brighter to be the most refreshing, best tasting way to get all the digestive prebiotic benefits of apple cider vinegar—including the “mother”—in an 8oz drink.

Current product lineup