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THE DRINK: "Bula" Beverage, emerges as a relaxation and calming drink. Bula is a functional relaxation drink and is not age restricted. Bula's formula contains: Kava root, Valerian root, Rose Hip, and essential B Vitamins. Kava root stems from the pepper tree family and contains relaxing properties that have been known to help with anxiety and depression. Kava has been an integral part of ceremonial and social gatherings in the South Pacific cultures for thousands of years. Kava is also used to symbolize unity and promote a level mind when in discussion. Valerian root has been promoted to help with sleep quality and insomnia reduction. Rose-hip fruit, rich in Vitamin-C, yields health benefits and has been known in many cultures to treat health conditions such as: osteoporosis, arthritis, Crohn's disease, influenza, the common cold, and heart disease. Bula's savoring pomegranate flavor was selected from 200 flavors as part of a rigorous taste test. This included selected bartenders, public figures, night club and relaxation-related business owners, as well as the public. Not only does Bula capture the relaxation components of Kava, it also brings in a new, refreshing, and enjoyable taste. THE COMPANY: Bula was founded by New York Jet #91, Sione Pouha. Sione has been playing Defensive tackle for the Jets for the past 6 seasons. Sione treasures the benefits of Bula and relaxation on and off the football field. He developed the idea for Bula after learning that Kava's benefits of steady, controlled, and focused workouts showed more value to his performance on the field than workouts ampted by energy supplements. "Not only does Bula help me stay focused at home, work, and play, but it also helps me unwind after an eventful day of life". Sione's heritage is from the Island Kingdom of Tonga. Tonga shares the vast ocean of the South Pacific with its brothers and sisters of Samoa, Fiji, Hawaii, Tahiti, Aotearoa, and others. These islands all create the beautiful islands of Polynesia. With the help from an internationally acclaimed beverage manufacturer (the makers of Jones Soda), Sione has combined the drink of the South Pacific, Kava, with Bula. Together, they bring your customers a great taste and safe way to drink and relax.

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