Canvas Barley Milk

by Canvas

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Official Brand Overview

Canvas is a line of convenient, nourishing plant-based beverages made from remarkable saved grain. #SaveTheBarley Canvas is a team of optimists united by a common goal of saving millions of tons of spent grain to bring better nutrition to everyone. We believe that sometimes it’s the things that are cast aside that can have the biggest impact. And that all it takes is an idea and group of passionate people to turn a dream into a reality. Our story begins with the production of one of the world's most loved beverages: beer. In the wonderful process of brewing, only the starch from the barley grain goes into making beer. The leftover fiber and protein is called “spent grain” and billions of pounds of it are produced across the world every year. The challenge is, spent grain is highly perishable. So we asked ourselves, "What if we could find a way to save the grain and turn it into something awesome?" Enter, Canvas: The first ever line of sustainable, plant-based beverages made from Saved Grain. Designed to offer balanced nourishment, Canvas delivers a convenient source of dietary fiber (nearly half the recommended daily intake), complete protein from plants, essential fatty acids, and a blend of delicious ingredients. Join us as we work to #SaveTheBarley.

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