First Juice

by First Juice, Inc.


Official Brand Overview

First Juice organic fruit and vegetable juice beverage is the first juice designed specifically for young children, age 6 months to 6 years. Less sugar. More health. Better choices. First Juice can get you on a roll toward training your child's taste buds. Help them develop a lifelong habit of healthy eating by putting the brakes on sugar and sweet. It's simple. Yummy. And smart. Now purple carrots are making a splash into First Juice. Yes, there are purple carrots! Carrots were originally red, white, yellow and PURPLE! Purple carrots are just as healthy and tasty as orange carrots. The red-purple pigments in purple carrots are the same powerful antioxidants found in red grapes and blueberries. The two new flavor varieties are Blueberry+Purple Carrot and Peach+Purple Carrot. Yummy. And Very Smart.

Current product lineup

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