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Official Brand Overview

Flash Power Energy Drink was launched in Austria in1994, under the supervision of Lizu Trading Co. After modifying the formula of "Lipovitan," OSOTSPA Co. licensed this formula to the Austrian Trading Co. Many Energy Drinks are on the market today. Flash Power is a Original Asian formula known worldwide for it's smooth flavor and effectiveness. In Brazil, Flash Power was launched in 1997, being the 1st energy drink to break into the market. Until January 2003, Flash Power was imported to Brazil. Soon after, they opened the Brazilian bottling plant, under licensed supervision of Lizu Trading and OSOTSPA Companies. As of 2006, our sales have overcome that of Red Bull, and, according to the 2006 AC Nielsen census, almost 22% of market volume. In the month of January 2007, Flash Power Brazil sold over 40,000 cases. In February 2007, Flash Power arrived on the US Energy Drink Market. Although we understand the competitiveness, we are very confident that our product will stand out, as it is the smoothest tasting energy drink on the market today as well as the most effective.

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