Glaceau VitaminWater

by glaceau

Official Brand Overview

it all started in 1996, the year dolly, the cloned sheep, was born in a lab in scotland. meanwhile, back in america, one thirsty man named darius wanted better water, but couldn't find any worth drinking, so he decided to make his own. along came a guy from queens named mike (he?s like darius? robin?but don?t tell him that). mike?s superpower is the gift for the gab, and so word got around and thus emerged glacéau, a fresh new approach to bottled water that is inspired by nature and enhanced by science. today glacéau, the leader of the enhanced water category, is the maker of vitaminwater®, fruitwater®, smartwater® and vitaminenergy?. vitaminwater is a great-tasting, healthy enhanced water that is packed with nutrients. in addition to providing a perfect complement to everyone's less-than-perfect diet, each vitaminwater variety has a unique combination of nutrients to deliver a specific benefit to get you through your day. a recently-completed clinical study proved what we have known all along: the vitamins in vitaminwater power-c (dragonfruit) are absorbed by the body equally as well as those in traditional foods. smartwater ? the water with all the answers - is a zero-calorie, vapor-distilled, electrolyte-enhanced water. just the purest, cleanest water possible with added electrolytes. fruitwater - the natural way to diet - is a low-calorie, lightly-flavored water that is enhanced with a touch of pure crystalline fructose, a high-quality, natural sweetener that is the same as found in fruits and vegetables. vitaminenergy? is a great-tasting, healthy energy drink that is fueled with nutrients for natural energy. glacéau products are specially formulated to help people on the go feel better, perform better and live healthier lives through better hydration. as such, we are proud to partner with athletes, artists, actors and other individuals who embody the ideal of good health and wellness and who genuinely incorporate glacéau products into their healthy lifestyles. just open any issue of us weekly, people or espn the magazine to see who they are. in case you live under a rock or can?t read, some of partners include: 50 cent, jennifer aniston, tom brady, shaquille o?neal, tony parker, brian urlacher, david ortiz and tracy mcgrady. glacéau continues to lead the industry in innovation with natural, low and zero calorie beverages, distributed nationwide. the company has experienced triple digit growth for five straight years and according to industry reports (no we didn?t write them) is poised to become one of the biggest brands in the history of beverages. for more information, check us out at

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