Official Brand Overview

"DRINK WELL. DO BETTER." Artfully Crafted to Nourish Mind, Body, and Soul. Find us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Cheers to brewing kombucha that will give us a higher sense of being and health! We also give cheers to brewing happiness in lives of those who would otherwise be forgotten. holykombucha™ is on a mission to transform your well-being by making it possible for you to willingly drink “the holy” daily. Many believe kombucha will help increase your energy and awareness through aiding in digestion and detoxification, and also keep you well-balanced. As you drink “the holy”, be aware and delighted that you are also contributing to transforming the lives of children and families from harm into harmony. Born and Brewed in DFW to provide you with the freshest kombucha. ::KOMBUCHA - WHAT IT IS: Kombucha is a tea elixir that tastes refreshingly crisp, lightly tart & sweet. It is a raw, all natural, live beverage brewed from tea, sugar, and kombucha culture. The culture allows the tea to undergo a fermentation process to cultivate all the essential and health promoting nutrients that nourishes and refreshes your body from the inside out. HOLY Kombucha use only organic ingredients when brewing: several specialty tea blends packed with antioxidants, and organic raw evaporated cane juice. ::KOMBUCHA - WHAT IT ISN'T: sugary or overly sweet, artificial, preservatives/additives. :: KOMBUCHA - HOW IT IS GOOD FOR US: holykombucha™ is cultivated from a “higher brew” infused with specialty organic teas blended specifically for our “higher purpose” of health and transformation. holykombucha™ prides on brewing quality batches of palatable goodness because healthy does not have to be unpleasant. Our crisp vibrant bubbly fermented tea already has people saying and will get you to also say, “Ahhh! What a delicious beverage that does my mind and body good AND it taste refreshing and vibrant!” Cheers!

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