Honest Tea (PET): Limeade (2008)

by Honest Tea

Product Type

Juice: Juice Drink


16.9 oz PET

Nutritional Info

Serving size: 8 fl oz;
Servings per container: About 2;
Amount per serving: Calories: 50;
Calories per bottle: 96;
Total fat: 0g;
Sodium: 5mg;
Total carbohydrates: 13g;
Sugars: 13g;
Protein: 0g;
Iron: 0%


Purified water, organic cane sugar, organic lime juice, organic lemon juice, natural lime flavor, organic lemon extract

Bevnet Rating
4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars

Review: Limeade (2008)

Posted: Jul 11, 2007 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Mar 20, 2008 at 6:06 PM)
The Limeade variety of Honest Ade is an organic fruit drink that holds to the high standards set by Honest's line of organic teas. With only 13g of carbs per serving, this product will have a noticeably light level of sweetness -- one very much on par with Honest's "tad sweet" teas. At first sip, it might even taste too light, especially if you're used to consuming RTD juices with twice as much sugar (or corn syrup), but this product will definitely lure you in as you continue to consume it. The sweet flavor or the organic cane sugar is balanced perfectly with the sour lime flavor. On the packaging side, Honest has come up with a bright, appealing green label on an attractive PET bottle. Overall, this is product with definitely visual and taste appeal -- a job well done by Honest Tea on its first entry outside of tea.